Find out everything you need to know about how the Trinity College Rock & Pop exams work.

  • The complete Rock & Pop syllabus can be found here Pdf icon download the PDF (2.1Mb)
  • A further set of alternative songs for Rock & Pop exams has now been released, click here to see the full list
  • Additional regulatory information is contained in the syllabus supplement

Rock & Pop syllabus from 2018

The Rock & Pop syllabus will be renewed for 2018, and will contain exciting new songs for you to choose from for your exam. 

New Rock & Pop Song books will become available from late-2017. As usual there will be a one year overlap, so you will be able to take Rock & Pop exams using the current syllabus until the end of 2018. More information on the new syllabus and books to follow. 

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Additional syllabus information

  • From time to time we will add detail to the syllabus. We'll publish the new information here.
  • You should read the syllabus requirements carefully before your exam. If you do not meet all the relevant requirements, the examiner may refer your exam result to Trinity’s London office for review and marks may be deducted. Please see Information and Regulations and Syllabus infringements on the Trinity College London website for more information.


Information about assessment


Session skills parameters

  • Details of what you need to learn for the Playback Session skill at each grade

 Pdf icon download the PDF (93.0Kb)

  • Details of what you need to learn for the Improvising Session skill at each grade

Pdf icon download the PDF (90.7Kb)


Guidance on choosing your own song

If you want to choose a song that isn’t on our song list, this will help you make sure that the song is appropriate for your exam.


The Rock & Pop exams and the QCF

Information about how our grades map to the Qualifications and Credit Framework in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – details of the level and the number of credits you’ll be awarded: 

Pdf icon download the PDF (102.5Kb)

UCAS points for entry to UK higher education are available for Rock & Pop Grades 6-8 as follows:

Grade 6

  • Pass: 6
  • Merit: 10
  • Distinction: 12

Grade 7

  • Pass: 10
  • Merit: 12
  • Distinction: 16

Grade 8

  • Pass: 18
  • Merit: 24
  • Distinction: 30

The points listed above relate to the new UCAS tariff points system, which will apply to university and college courses starting from September 2017 onwards. 

Please note that the number of UCAS points awarded to all qualifications has changed, including A levels, AS levels and Trinity qualifications. For example, an A* at A level was worth 140 points under the old UCAS tariff, but will be worth 56 points under the new system. 

Further information is available at


Song copyright

  • Useful information about the copyright of a song – although you can play a cover version of a song in our exams, you can’t record it and make the recording available to others

Pdf icon download the PDF (638.8Kb)


Exam Timings

  • Useful information about the exam timings (Initial to Grade 8)

Pdf icon download the PDF (267.9Kb)



  • Corrections to the syllabus and music in the Rock & Pop songbooks

Pdf icon download the PDF (64.0Kb)