In order to continue to support our teachers and candidates in an increasingly digital world, Trinity has been busy working on a number of exciting new initiatives to be released over the coming months, which include innovative digital submission qualifications, digital downloads of certain publications and a suite of new online digital support materials.

The first of these, our new ecommerce platform, went live on 4 August alongside our 2021-2023 Piano syllabus. More digital titles will follow throughout the year.

Additionally, our product surround provision is currently under review and the launch of the Piano syllabus saw a revised selection of assets made available, marking the beginning of this next stage of our digital supporting materials. This will see both the removal of older assets and the creation of new, engaging, educational materials.

In line with our work on these digital initiatives, and amidst the unprecedented conditions this year has brought to bear, the development of the above digital solutions is a priority for Trinity and as such, we will no longer be supporting the ongoing maintenance, support and development of the Rock & Pop app. Accordingly, it will shortly be removed from the App and Google Play stores and will no longer be available for download.

Please see below for FAQs about the Rock & Pop app. Further details about our other digital initiatives will follow shortly.




Why has Trinity withdrawn the Rock & Pop App?

Trinity is updating a number of digital tools, assets and resources at the moment and as a consequence we are no longer supporting or developing the current Rock & Pop app.

The App download was free, but I made in-App purchases to download the tracks. Can I get a refund now the App is no longer a

Yes, you can. Whether you are an Apple or Android user, please refer to the refund policies in each of those stores. You will find the details as part of the Terms and Conditions of use. You will need to provide proof of purchase when you do this.

I requested a refund from Apple or Google and was told my refund request was not eligible. How should I proceed?

Please complete the form below to contact us and we will assist you with your refund request. For all other Rock & Pop issues/questions please use the Contact Us page.

I bought all the tracks as part of the books
and then I purchased them again to use in the R&P app. Will I need to purchase them again when you produce another version of the product?

Refunds are available for any app purchases to date. Any further purchases for forthcoming Trinity products should be treated separately. We will update this website and our communications to tell you when a new product is available. Any costs associated with forthcoming products will be distinct from any products released by Trinity to date.

How can I get the backing tracks for the songs I teach and use for exams?

When you purchase a R&P book, there is a unique download code printed in it which gives you access to the relevant tracks to download for free on up to 3 devices. Please refer to your purchased copy of the book(s) for further information and how to download the tracks.

I bought my R&P books when they were first published back in 2017 but I’ve never downloaded the free backing tracks and I used the App instead. Can I still download the tracks despite the book being three years old?

Yes, you can. The unique code printed in the book remains valid until such time as you need to download the tracks and the syllabus is still active or in use. The current syllabus runs from 2018 for a minimum of 5 years. If you need help with this, please email and the team will be able to help you.



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