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Before completing this form please check the Venues page to find out if we are running Rock & Pop exams in your country.

To request an exam in the UK please complete the online form below. After the closing date the information you give here will be sent to the local contact at the venue you select, who will enrol you for the exam. You can include as many candidates as you wish in each request so long as they are for the same venue and in the same set of exam dates. Please makes two separate requests if your candidates wish to attend different venues or dates. Please note that for some venues multiple dates are advertised, but the exact dates used will depend on demand.

Dates are added as they are confirmed.  If you do not see dates listed for the centre you wish to attend then please contact the local contact at the centre.

There are details about how to enter your band for a group exam in the Groups pages.

See Trinity's Information and Regulations booklet for details on procedures that apply to exams requested through this website.

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Select your country. If your country is not listed, we are not currently offering Rock & Pop exams there, but you can register your interest here.

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